An Odyssey through Ulysses: Proteus

Gaze in your omphalos. 3.38

Proteus, the shape-shifting god

Proteus, the shape-shifting god.

“Proteus,” the last episode of  the Telemachiad (the name assigned to the opening section concerning the younger protagonists of both Homer’s Odyssey and Joyce’s Ulysses) finds Stephen gazing deeply into his own omphalos (the Greek word for navel) as he walks along the Dublin coastline killing time between his morning classes and his 12:30 appointment with Buck Mulligan and Haines at the pub. Continue reading

An Odyssey through Ulysses: Telemachus

Odysseus's son Telemachus gets some archery tips from Athena, who's doing an awesome impersonation of Julie Andrews from Victor Victoria, in her appearance as Mentes/Mentor.

You behold in me, Stephen said with grim displeasure, a horrible example of free thought. (1.25-26) Continue reading