John Carter, Disney’s very own “Ishtar”

After a paltry opening weekend, the New York Times draws the comparison. While Ishtar suffered from the egos of its two biggest stars, John Carter‘s woeful fate is due to its director, Pixar’s Andrew Stanton, director of some of the most successful films from that studio—Finding Nemo and Wall-E. Money quote after the jump. Continue reading

Does Kenny Easterday of the Jerry Springer show have a penis?

UPDATE: According to emeraldgreengirl, Kenny does have all his man-parts and a butthole. I’m still unclear on the mechanics, but at least part of the mystery has been solved.

I was watching Jerry Springer this afternoon, and I guess it’s been a while since I have watched it, but in addition to a huge scale (akin to those used in the Salem witch trials), a puppet stage, and a crowd that chants every thirty seconds, there is now Kenny Easterday, someone who has a rare disability known as sacral agenesis. Continue reading